Its Monday i have to catch up on this class:

It’s Monday and i’m doing a whole lot more than reading. My 3 dogs seemed to have wandered upon a dead squirrel in the yard. They proceeded to roll in it and then bring their new found friend inside.(For anyone thinking why the hell theyd go and do that.. youre not alone. I did to.) I had no clue there was even a decomposing squirrel in my yard until I smelled it in my living room. Ridding the house of that smell was a joy. I had a blast. This leaves me here. Confused as ever on citations for my essay due tomorrow. So I figured i’d get this done instead.

Its Monday and I honestly haven’t started y next book. I figured id do the second Harry Potter.  I could lie and say I fell in love with the series and the characters have my heart and stuff but honestly its just not that big or that hard of a read so I’m going for it. The first one was good. I guess I checked this series out too late into my youth to appropriately fall in love with the series, but I thought it was an overall good story. I’m not sure if I’m going to actually attempt to read the rest yet.


book cover


So really though for everybody taking the same class as me, I say we form an underground society of citation sharers. I’m sweating over these 2o points let me tell you. I honestly dont know why It takes me 16 times longer to follow concrete directions as it does to just make some crap up and call it a blog. What does that say about me..

OHHHH! I thought of something cool that happened to me today though. the freaking flip flops I ordered 12 WEEKS AGO just came in. they have a dope bottle opener on the bottom. I’m literally going to look up a picture. this stuff is genius innovation.


cooler than a corona on ice am I right? Word Count:338



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