Did i really forget to write this if i just remembered?


onto reading and stuff… i think ive been convinced by the 6th grader that i tutor to start reading the harry potter series by J.K Rawling. its honestly not my cup of tea (Wizzards and all) but some how im considering it. I started reading the first one when i was younger but my A.D.D. prevented me from getting past the second chapter.

“Harry Potter is walking down the hill… JK Rolling..”

^Get it? huh? it honestly loses its value since i had to type it out. There must be a word for jokes that can only be funny when said out loud. this is one of those i guess.

As of right now i’ve been reading A Time to Kill  by John Grisham (pg 430/650).When i checked this book out the size of it freaked me out but by the first chapter i was hooked. Its a book about an ongoing murder trial and its pretty informative. i could for  sure pass the bar by now. There is a movie based on the book and i think the lead is Matthew Mcona however you spell his last name. he’s the blonde dude who shows up in almost every Vince Vaughn movie. I havent seen it but its from the year i was born so that should be cool to watch once i finish the book. im so emotionally invested at this point, it would piss me off to watch the movie and find out the ending. then id have to go through the hassle of finishing the book it would literally be beating a dead horse.

This book has saved me so much data. i dont have to use soundcloud every second that im waiting on something. the bus takes forever so i just read. When i have to spend 20 minutes waiting for the doctor, it scratches a chapter off of my to do list. Reading isnt so bad. im slowly coming around the mountain.

Word Count: 353

this cover is way prettier than mine
Some A listers in this movie.. DANG

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