Breaking News, I read an entire book. Cover to cover. Sure, it was a really easy read by young adult author Caroline B. Cooney, but The Face on the Milk Carton was definitely a captivating story.

The first of the Jainey series

The book starts off quickly, the introduction isn’t super drawn out and there’s not a ton of background reading you have to do to get to the meat of the story. She quickly introduces the audience to Janie who, for the most part, lives a happy normal childhood with her two loving parents. One day at school she decides to brave her lactose intolerance and gulp down a carton of milk at lunch. Now let me just take a second to say, this is a VERY VERY BOLD AND BRAVE ACT. I’m lactose intolerant (lactaid is better anyway) and a carton of milk would have me bloated like a 3rd trimester pregnant woman. Id also have enough natural gas to supply half of the middle east but I’m just saying…. VERY BOLD.

Perhaps something to quickly note about old milk cartons, for those of us who steered clear of the cafeteria food and live in the 21st century, is that they used to print pictures of missing children on them.

This was before we had that show The Hunt with John Walsh

So our main character Jainey is now throating this milk carton down when she realizes, shes the kid on the carton. She remembers the dress she was wearing and everything. Thus, our story begins, who in the heck is Jainey Johnson and who in the heck are those happy parents of hers?

Id recommend this to anyone looking for an easy read or just an entertaining book series. this book is Cooney’s first book of the Jainey series. So i guess you could say we don’t really receive an answer at the end of the book. That might be a deal breaker for some of you, because i know i sure as h.. eaven do not want to read 5 other books to figure out what happened to Jainey, but maybe if i was still 13 or 14.

At first it was hard for me to understand why anyone would ban this book from a childs library unless they were a parent who had kidnapped their kid and didnt want them exploring any fancy ideas, but as i kept reading i realized something: JAINEYS A FREAK! not really, but she does casually talk about sex and she’s in like the 10th grade. I think all of us can agree as adults, this isnt that big of a deal, but i went to school with kids who couldnt watch spongebob so it’s safe to say some parents are in denial. The book is a coming of age tale and Cooney sends Jainey through multiple common teen girl triumphs. i guess its just a matter of accepting or not accepting that some teenagers know about sex in the 10th grade.

If this blog post convinced you to read this book, then i could probably sway you into anything, but heres a link to the whole Janie series so you can check it out.



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