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My blog is probably going to have little to nothing about Tom Hanks on it, but it has to be mentioned that his performance in Forest Gump (and like everything else) was amazing. I saw Forest Gump for the first time when i was really young, maybe like 11, and i spent the entire movie trying to figure out if the leading actor (Tom Hanks) actually had a mental deficit. All of the US History allusions thrown in the way they are make it just like a treasure hunt to catch them all. Here’s a page i found that has a list if you want to give it a quick look. It shows you a list of just how many parts in the movie were actually Historical references. Its pretty nuts if you’ve seen the movie as a kid and never really got it beyond just the Jenny love story thing. Other than that APUSH in high school blowed so i dont blame you for skipping over.

Anyway, one of my all time favorite movies is Inception. I think everyone who has heard of this movie probably knows that its a huge mind rape, but just watch the trailer. Lionardo Dicaprio is in it so you know its ridiculous. I think that’s the fun of the entire movie. The story sits on the interesting premise that thoughts or dreams don’t always come from within. In this movie, the gentlemen actually invade dreams, thus, provoking a persons thoughts and stealing valuable ideas. I think this is a cool idea because we actually cant truly say that ideas or dreams are individually accessible. Do others even have minds or is it just our own projection of everyone else and were just jumping through mind schemes. The problem of other minds is a metaphysics subject that covers ideas like this, you can read about it here if you actually care. We will never be able to gather the information necessary to prove a statement that says your dreams are simply the workings of your own mind. Anyway, in the movie they jump back and forth from dream worlds, provoking thoughts in individuals, to the real world where they try to control the outcome of things by controlling the thoughts that lead up to a conclusion of someone else. It’s a really good movie and the directing, in my opinion, was pretty on point. A lot of stuff happens in dreamed up scenes so they get some pretty cool shots in there.

Avatar has nothing on this



SIIIICK! come on, how is this not Oscar winning

[SPOILER: kind of]

Another honorable mention for this post is a movie i honestly cant think of the name of right now. So it starts off during a storm in bumbletown nowhere at a motel. 7 or 8 people show up through the night to sleep in this storm. Eventually once the introduction to all of these different characters has settled, people start disappearing and getting killed. The majority of the movie is the remaining guests trying to stay safe and figure out who is doing all of the killing around them. One of the characters is an officer who is transporting a prisoner, so of course everyone is looking to this guy for guidance. In the end it is revealed that the “officer” is actually the prisoner being transported, and he has multiple personality disorder. The whole movie was him having a psychotic break and killing off all of his other personalities. Its really shocking and good, if you didn’t read this post. If anyone else has seen this movie and wants to let me know what it is, i dont really care. Just kidding at least it gives you something to comment for class. thinking of positive things is difficult for me can i get an amen?

I’m definitely not writing another paragraph, like i enjoy sharing myself with you all nothing personal, but the computer im typing on has the most horrific sounding keys. seriously no one has cleaned these in a solid 6 months im positive. it feels like little kids have been rubbing their rezzed out jolly rancher/ fruit roll up fingers all over it. I’m sorry i really just had to vent. Anyway check out Shutter Island, which i know you’ve all probably heard of as well. I will warn you, DO NOT shut it off in the middle. You might THINK you know, but i promise you will not know DIDLY SQUAT APPLES until the very last 45 seconds. Its literally not even enough time to pick your chins up off the ground. (lol i thought i WASN’T writing another paragraph). Anyway, when they say Jaw Dropper this monster was like:


This blog thing was such a bad tool to give me. I should not be on the internet.

Word Count: 841 …….. (that proves it)


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