Obviously Not Completely Illiterate

The title of this post and the title of my blog do somewhat contradict each other, however as my title states: I am not completely illiterate. That very poorly constructed complex sentence did not help my argument much. Complex..? should it be compound? It must be blatantly apparent that my high school English teacher was a foreigner. BACK TO THE POINT! Despite my very true blog name, i have actually read some books in my day. As a kid i actually used to sit in those little library igloos reading Arthur books by Marc Brown all summer.

The ultimate reading provoking agent in elementary schools.

Once i had exhausted my supply of Arthur books by taking all the A.R tests for them at school, i moved on to The Magic Tree-house series by Mary Pope Osborne. They were children chapter books. In each book the kids end up on crazy adventures, using their badass time machine tree-house. Simple plot, but it introduced me to the world  of fantasy. Thinking beyond what i know can actually happen in the world. Those books at the time, were just easy A.R points for my highly competitive 5th grade reading class. At the same time i was becoming more and more creative, learning to expand the boundaries of what i thought could be possible.

Haha but really books aren’t that deep. There was one book that i read in middle school that messed with my eye drainage system. I don’t care what anyone says, The life of Frederick Douglas, by Frederick Douglas was sickening. Not only is F-Doug a freaking boss for becoming one of the best self educated political activists of his time, but it gives so much insight into slavery. 10/10 would recommend. The language is yawn-able but if you can swallow the first chapter and get used to it, you’ll come out baptized in an understanding of the racial evils and ethical differences that went on during slavery. If you don’t know anything about my boy F-Doug here’s a little rundown of what he did as an escaped slave, abolitionist.

As if my book list wasn’t juvenile enough, my next book has a freaking mouse with a sewing needle sword on the cover.

despereaux 4 blog.jpg
Look he’s got cute ears though.

The Tale of Desperaux by Kate DiCamillo was an oddly enchanting book. I’m usually not into super out there fiction tales, but this book was one of the best i have ever read ( you know, from my outstandingly huge collection). Its separated  into three parts and tells the tale of a brave mouse and the triumph he encounters in the castle he lives in. What stood out the most about this book to me was that it was one of the first books that showed me different perspectives of the same story. Each separate part is from a different character’s individual perspective. As a kid, the set up made the story way more enticing. Now they have a movie so no kid will ever even realize there was a book first, but the trailer might convince some to give the story a try. Definitely worth the read, plus the edge of the pages are all ripped up like a little mouse had been feasting on them (GENIUS).

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