Blog#2 I watch weird tv shows

I’m so glad we got this topic. I’ll use this as an opportunity to inform more people about Drunk History on Comedy Central. I’ve learned more from that show than any history class i’ve taken so far. It’s basically a bantering drunk comedian telling a history tale. They act out scenes and make hilarious additional comments. Not only are the stories funnier because the teller is a tipsy comedian, but the stories are always like untold  back stories of huge events.This is an excerpt from an episode that tells the story of Scientist’s Penzias and Wilson.

I’m aware that people in the class are going to read this but i have to admit that one of my favorite shows is Dance Moms on lifetime. Not that i’m the worlds biggest dance fan, but the drama on that show flows harder than lil Wayne in 2010. So the show follows a dance team in Pennsylvania. The mother’s of these children don’t agree on anything except for the fact that their dance teacher is a loon. For anyone who hasn’t seen what Abby  Lee Miller looks like isnt necessarily losing in life. She literally is never ready to be on camera, she’s always covered in makeup  to  the point of looking clownish, and you can almost hear the lung cancer in her raspy voice. She’s pretty much a  grumpy old bear who yells, and makes the weirdest innuendos. She also does this weird thing where she licks the sides of her mouth impulsively. Here is a funny clip of it.

Dance teacher on Dance Moms, Abby Lee Miller:


So now that everyone is probably realizing that i watch the weirdest shows, it’s probably safe to admit that my third guilty television pleasure is Key and Peele on Comedy Central. The show is a satire where these two comedians pretty much use ridiculous scenes to shame society’s judgmental norms. I think they just have a funny way of making you feel stupid for being closed minded and judgmental about things. If you enjoy setting certain herbs on fire, you might really consider watchign this show, just sayin.

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