Blog #1: Nice ta Meet ya

I should probably start out by admitting that coming up with ten things about myself to  share with the world makes me roll my eyes a little.  Unfortunately, i’m a naturally over- opinionated person therefore i chose to keep to myself. I find that avoiding a fight expends far less energy than winning one. If you really analyzed those three sentences you’d see that i am compulsively obnoxious, a little reluctant to exert my print on the world, and way too lazy to argue. I really enjoy peace and quiet for the most part. At this point it’s probably not hard to believe i grew up in a small town. Yep, I’m from freaking bumble-town nowhere. No joke, as a kid I thought the man of my dreams would be anyone who could make a cool carved watermelon.


Seriously though, have you seen some of the stuff these people come up with…. Check it out!

Growing up there wasn’t much to do in between trips to the beach. Surfing always gave me a cool feeling in the pit of my stomach. I used to freeze my mom’s old  computer from watching so many big wave videos. I always looked up to those riders who would paddle out on a 60 foot swell and ride the monster. One drop off the face of a huge Gully could definitely kill a Sully. (They’re lucky to survive every fall). Here’s a pretty cool video: Greatest wipeouts of 2012

If you took the time to read your toolbar you may also puzzle together that I’ve recently been too lazy to read  as well. To conclude that i hate reading would be a misconception. I have read parts of books, i just haven’t really read entire books.  I should probably take a second  to go off on a tangent that explains what i mean by this. As a kid i was always creative. Following other people bored me to death so i was always looking for things to make myself. This followed me into my reading. I remember listening to my elementary school teachers read books to the class. Half way into the story i would space out into my own world where i created my own ending. If i ever had to willingly re read a book series i’d chose A Series of Unfortunate Events by Daniel Handler Aka Lemony Snicket. In that case, the books were better than the movie. I think I like movies a lot more though because they require a smaller window of attention. I can sit and watch a movie for two hour without spacing off, but i will never sit and read an entire book without getting bored or distracted. No matter what i’ll never forget where i came  from and Disney’s Finding Nemo (2003) will  always be my favorite movie. Leonardo Decaprio in Inception (2010) holds a place in my soul also. Mostly because of this scene.

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